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Software for Trading

Trading Software Hunter - Trader's Soft Search Engine


When my grandparents were my age, investing for the future was simple. All you had to do was keep your money with a bank. Interest rates ensured a great return on your savings. That is thing of the past with interest rates barely offering pennies on the dollar.. Even stocks and other investments that were so safe late in the 20th century are now big risks because markets fluctuate so much and major disasters across the globe have caused market upheavals overnight.

How can you navigate the world of trading and actually save some money for the future? Welcome to the age of trading software. Our "Trading Software Finder" site is dedicated to helping you find the right trading software to fit your needs. With that in mind, let's begin with a discussion of the different markets that trading software caters to.

Many trading programs span several different types of trading. For example, Track 'N Trade focuses on three different types of trading. First of all, there is futures. This part of the program will help you to focus on commodities like gold, oil, crops, and more. The Forex portion of the program will give you visual assistance to trading across the globe. It detects waves in the various markets. You can also use the stocks function to take control your own retirement fund.

Noble trading also provides multiple platforms for exchanges. They offer stock market trading with live customer service reps to assist you. The trading software includes commodities and futures. This is all bundled in one program, and you can log in with just one account. They offer free online software for commodities trading, or you can purchase your own customizable software. The company's flagship trading software is called Lightspeed. There is a separate package for Forex trading.

Software for Trading

There are many different types of derivatives software that can help to analyze data. Front Arena actually won an award in 2011. It has the advantage of being useful across a number of different classes of assets. Open Link is another software that spans many categories of asset and will provide you with an easy to analyze work module.

This is just a small sample of the multitudes of trading software available to you. How can you know which one to choose? Obviously, it will to some degree depend on which market you are trading on. But even then you will have a large selection. So be sure to use our search engine for trading software to determine which one will suit your needs best. Then you can get out there and make those investments that will build your portfolio and help to bring some security to your future.

Trading Software for Whichever Platform You Use

There are many different types of stocks, commodities, derivatives, and other forms of trades. Various trading software packages help you to navigate them all. But does it matter what operating system you are using? Here are a variety of types of trading software for use on the major operating systems - Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. Yes, whether at home or mobile, you can have your trading program at the ready.

If you are using a PC operating Windows 7, 8 or 10, or even Vista or XP, then most modern trading software should work just fine. Track 'N Trade is one of the premier trading software programs that stretches across various indexes to give a comprehensive trading experience. Whether you are trading futures or are getting involved in the foreign exchange market, PC users will get a leg up on the competition with this program.

It's a little trickier finding trading software for your Mac. Trendsoft makes a program called ProAnalyst that is exclusively for Mac OS. Their website isn't much to look at, but they won a reader's choice award from Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine. Another Mac exclusive is Investor RT from Linnsoft. You can download a full version of the program from their website and demo it for free. Use it to monitor and capture data, and also to create charts and analyze trends.

If you are using an Android phone or tablet, then Meta Trader 5 has to be one of the first apps you download. You can take your trading with you wherever you go. And here's the best part: it's free! So forget about paying a ton of money to trade on the go. Get app this from the Google Play store or download the .apk file directly from their website.

If you can't part from your iPhone or iPad, then the trading software for you is the mobileTWS app. You can enjoy real time updates, make trades (whether you deal with stocks, forex, futures, or more), and you can set alerts. Don't miss that stock you wanted when it hits the price you are willing to pay. An email alert will notify you. Then you just grab your tablet or phone and complete the transaction. So what are you waiting for? Hit the Apple apps store today, and pick up this bundle.

Yes, traders use all types of devices to keep up with their trades. Regardless of whether you are always on the go, or you have time to sit at your desk and do a little extra analysis, there is a program that is right for you. Let our search engine help you find the trading software that is compatible with your favorite devices. The rest is up to you.